The Ring?

This synopsis sounds alot like The Ring.

I have this feeling that people think I'm paranoid.


There are simularities:

After watching a video, people die after 7 days.
After viewing a website , people die after 15 days.

The lead is female.
There is a male co-star.

But there are differences:
Only one movie features someone crawling out of the TV.
Only one movie features pregnacy as thematic device.
Only one movie features a well.
Only one movie...

Well, reading the dvd cover, I thought "Oh, yeah, a Ring knock off..." But, while watching the movie, I didn't see much resemblance.

Another movie from Korea that I watched recently: Ring The Virus. I found that one to be un-entertaining. It wasn't scarier, it wasn't better in anyway, production seemed cheap... I bought it for $3 (three) used and I felt ripped off... I will be using it as a coaster or selling it...

So, Unborn but Unforgotten (aka The White Room, aka Unborn but Forgotten) is a fair movie, and is not an unimaginative re-spin.