'Sir Henry's accent'

At teh dinner following Selden's death, when Sir Henry says 'I've been moping about the house' his accent slips, and he has an English dialect, I don't know which, maybe Yorkshire?

matt Day was born in England, spent time in the States, and then Australia, so I wonder how many accents he can manage?

OMG! (it's not what you think)


Matt Day was born in Australia and grew up there, spent a year in the US when he was 11 or something. Spent about 8 years in England from 2000 ish. The accent does slip a bit but seems ok to me.

Just makes me laugh that this is an English production and has two Australian's playing the English Holmes and Canadian Sir Henry Baskerville.

They're both great actors though. Check them out also acting together in Doing Time For Patsy Cline (1996) and the recent show Rake - which is brilliant!