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Michael A. + Portrayal in the Film

A few years ago, I watched an interview with Michael A. from prison.

He was extremely well-spoken and the way he spoke about his 'party managing', he seemed to be much more the astute business man than portrayed in the film.

And he said the drug use was extremely tame in the movie compared to what they actually did.

I also remember his talking about detoxing from drugs in jail, describing it in a way I found interesting.

He said as your body is withdrawing & detoxing, that it's like going from 'plant' to 'animal'.

I thought that was an interesting description (probably something someone told him and not original to him) of how absolutely loaded & weighed down the body itself is under all that sustained drug use, and then all the weird jangling stuff that happens to the body during detox, when all the systems of the body are kicking back in, as it is trying to revert back to a homeostatic, pre-drug active state.

"I will not go gently onto a shelf, degutted, to become a non-book." ~ Bradbury


As much as I love this film I don't think Macaulay Culkin gave an accurate portrayal of Michael Alig. You're spot on in your contention that Michael was a smart guy with a true ability towards marketing and promotion, he knew how to throw a great party.

But his voice and speech patterns sound nothing like those that were used to portray him. The outfits were perfectly replicated though, great costuming in this film.


You can't really compare the older Michael Alig who isn't on drugs to his old self to see if the portrayal was accurate.