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What was the point of printing the photo to trick the security camera's view at the Vatican wall?

Hunt temporarily disables the security camera on the vatican wall and proceeds to climb up it. While it is disabled and security is assessing the problem he lays there for a bit to print a photo of the camera's view and then hangs it in front of the camera so when its back online it shows the city view again even if someone were to be in front of it. Good trick but i dont see the point?

He could have just disabled it like he did for a few seconds then rappel down and re-enable it without printing the photo. Seems like he wasted time to do that and he was not coming back out the same way anyway. He went underground and fled via a boat on the canal since they were capturing an enemy. Not to mention that leaves more evidence at the scene. Am I missing something?


Just another of Jar Jar Abrams "mystery" boxes.