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This movie is entertaining until

It gets a little too stupid and silly with the god stuff. Like towards the end where Bruce is listening to Grace pray and cry. That shjt is just bat-shjt crazy and stupid. They had Grace looking like a whinning child.


It's a Jim Carrey movie so you shouldn't have expected to be all serious, in fact, this was Carrey's last funny film he made. Ever since he's just been rubbish in the roles he plays.


This movie feels like it wants to go to two different directions simultaneously, and tears itself apart in the process.

When it's still in the beginning and having fun with itself, it's all entertaining - sure, the 'god stuff' might be a bit silly and over the top, but also a bit thoughtless and 'under the bottom' as well (hm, that's probably not an idiom).

But it's when the movie just suddenly drops the funny mask, rolls its sleeves, and starts feeling like work all of the sudden - after a nice summer holiday trip. When it starts seriously HAMMERING that 'message' in, and involves 'the ingenious free will concept' in a heavy-handed way, it starts really feeling stuffy and idiotic to the max. (I know it's idiotic to say 'to the max', but that's the humor in it)

"It gets a little too stupid and silly with the god stuff."

And thoughtless.

I often wondered, how can Jesus the Oiled One always listen to everyone's prayer and all that, when he was just 'one man' on Earth. I asked about this, and some 'spiritual geek' told me that 'Jesus could duplicate itself, all higher beings can'.

I don't think this is the truth, though .. I think higher entities have larger consciousness, so their mind works very differently from ours, because they can truly be 'present' simultaneously for a large area. But it still puzzles me somewhat. I just think the soul is so 'large' and multi-dimensional that it can be 'aware' of hundreds of billions simultaneously (it has no need for human-like individuality).

God would have to be able to be 'omnipresent', 'omniscient' and 'omnipotent' to be able to listen to and answer (or choose to not answer) all prayers. Bruce had one human mind to deal with millions of other human minds. That wasn't fair or plausible.

But if he's going to use a computer to answer the prayers, why not write a SCRIPT that could intelligently respond to the messages, filter out the important ones from the non-important ones, put certain topics all in the same directory, and so on. Also, invalid prayers would be automatically deleted, like spam.

The whole moon thing, and especially the stars.. would definitely have caused some huge upheavals, not just something small in Japan.

"Like towards the end where Bruce is listening to Grace pray and cry. That shjt is just bat-shjt crazy and stupid."

What's 'shjt'? Do you mean 'shít'?

I don't know how crazy it is, but .. look at the HOUSE that's shown right after we see her tears. She gets to live in a house like THAT, and she whines and complains? (Actually, I skipped that scene, because it looks like a spoiled, rich brat from the first world is crying about trivial crap, while people die because of drones and hunger on the other side of the planet)

"They had Grace looking like a whinning child."





Anyway, well.. most women are whining children, so that bit IS realistic.

Especially young, rich, spoiled ones from the first world.


Too bad the OP thinks the "god stuff" stupid and silly. I watched the film the first time for Jim Carrey's comedy, but in the years after, every time I watch the film, I feel a tremendous uplift in feeling. They say that God works in mysterious ways, and talks to us through different ways.
I believe now, after over a dozen viewings that God is speaking to us through Morgan Freeman (who, by the way, I consider to be one Hollywood's finest orators)
I still appreciate Jim's comedy, but I watch the film now and listen far more closely to what Morgan Freeman says. It is amazing how much of it makes the truest sense.