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Sorry people ... but it was disappointing. Shumacher's to blame.

First off, let me say this... Veronica Guerin was the rarest kind of person, willing to go to such lengths to expose the criminal element that everyone else was too afraid to do anything about. A true life heroine... and I'm very glad a major motion picture was made about her because I knew nothing about this story.

But this film didn't do her justice... and not in the way that someone might say "nobody could do that woman justice".... but this film just wasn't that good... unfortunately.

First off, the decision to show the attack (that resulted in her death) at the beginning of the movie was terrible. It completely removes the "tear-jerking" response from the audience that the film should have had. Most people who see this film will probably have had no idea about this true story, so with no buildup to the shock of her death, it almost ruins the film before it even starts. We're supposed to grow to love and admire this character through learning about her deeds... but we know she dies before we learn anything about her. Big mistake by the filmmakers... HUGE MISTAKE!!

The family interactions also seemed completely lifeless, Joel Shumacher took the time to show her mother, husband and son receiving the news... and none of them looked at all affected by it. Not just that scene... but every scene with the family... even the dancing scene seemed lifeless to me. It seems as though Joel Shumacher only filmed these scenes to show that she in fact had a husband and child, but offered a very mediocre depiction of them. Mediocre directing.

Even Cate Blanchett's performance wasn't up to par for her... because she has done some incredible roles like Elizabeth and The Missing. Not just her performance but everyone's aside from the actor who portrayed John Gilligan (he succeeded in depicting a scary psychopath), that tells me the director didn't really try to make a great movie. It could have been so much better.

It's up to a director to make a good film, and Joel Shumacher has made a few "stinkers" through his career. Some really good films but some really bad films also. This film rating just average with me.

He didn't do Veronica Guerin justice... she deserved better.