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What if they used more villians from the Batman comics?

Would this show have been more successful if they pitted the heroines against say Riddler,Penguin, Mad Hatter, Mr.Freeze, Clayface, King Tut, Poison Ivy,
Killer Croc, Clock King, or Ventiloquist? I know that Harley was there and there was a Joker cameo but am I alone in thinking that appearances by these other heavies I mentioned would add a little spice to the show?

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Like it


Frankly This is what the BOP's foes comprise of which this show lacked: The Calculator, Cheshire, Lady Spellbinder, Pistolera, Ra's al Ghul, Secret Six, The Society, Spy Smasher, Twelve Brothers in Silk and White Canary. Instead it was "Mutant of the Week" crap.