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Has so many people in it!!

Shame all these great/cult actors couldn't have made this a success.


It doesn't matter who stars in this show, it just comes to show ya that the script is more important then anything else. Bad Script = Bad performance and a bad Show. I mean look at Schumacher's Batman and Robin movie. It had great actors in it but the very weak script killed the movie and Batman franchise so they too couldn't have made it a success.

To me BoP had a cult classic potential that was thrown away by lazy writers who never read any BoP Comics but also didn't read any Batman comics as well. It's like they never consulted with real Comic book writers when they did this show. I mean the dialogue is just stupid and some of the plot and character developments are so ridiculously idiotic is just enough to make this show pretty much unwatchable. I think this is why Birds of Prey wasn't so well received.