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Why cancelled and is it worth buying?

First I want to say I am not from America and I just found out through wikipedia that that this show exists. With an average rating of 7.6 million viewers, why was it cancelled? Buffy or Roswell never achieved more than 6 million viewers. Was the show so expensive to produce?

My other question is, if the show is worth buying on DVD? What I mean, does it have an ending? I hate it when they just cancel shows with a cliffhanger (A┬┤Dark Angel, Grosse Pointe.....)


Why it was cancelled: The network hated it, pure and simple.

BOP didn't give the network what it wanted -- a fluffy teen soap opera a la "Gilmore Girls" and "Smallville".

It was stuck in an impossible timeslot (Up against ratings behemoths "The West Wing" and "The Bachelor".) When the ratings took a nosedive, they cancelled it the first chance they got.

Does it have an ending? Yes, it does (I won't spoil it for you.)

I like the show because it was funny and it had an original premise (The idea of Batman having a daughter is about as original as it gets.)

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Okay, since you say it has an ending I will try to get it somehwere. I hpe I find a version with a Region:2 or 0 code.



I have wondered The same


Actually Batman use to have a daughter with Catwoman named the Huntress in the comics,she got erased from history though. I'd also like to get this on dvd sometime,I'd imagine all you could find would be a bootleg. Check iOffer, they're good if you're looking for DVDs of shows that should've gotten a DVD release.


My husband found the dvd set at Best Buy.


Just download it. I found the whole first season on my first search. I really like this show and think they were STUPID to cancel it.

The full series is coming to DVD in July, 13th or 15th, this year. Wait for it to ship and get it the legal way. I get the feeling Birds of Prey was also canceled because WB's budget for so many fantasy series, with high-quality SFX, was getting pretty vast at the time. In the season where it was being produced and airing, the network was also supporting Smallville (Season 2), Angel (Season 4), and Charmed (Season 5). Birds of Prey, for such a short series that it was, no doubt cost a considerable amount to film with as many effects that it utilized. The 70 minute pilot in itself is more like a theatrical film than any episode of Smallville's IMO.


I always get DVDs the legal way. I don't like downloads or bootlegs. I wanna see it on my shelf and maybe there are some cool extras.

Why it was cancelled: I still don't get it. It had high ratings according to varios sites. Something around 7.8 million viewers weekly, what more did they want for a teen series. This is as good as it gets. The only statement I found from people working on this show is that The WB hated the show, because it didn't turn out to be a real teenage drama series like Smallville. But that was the charm of BOP; it was different.


from what I have heard they couldn't continue to mention gotham or anyhting batman related because the movie division had all the rights to the batman characters and didn't want to share wich is the same reason the writers of smallville have yet to have a mention of bruce wayne or batman existing in the show.


Batman was not in Smallville thru wanted Smallville the life of before Clark became Superman not a teen Justice Leauge

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I like having the actual dvd as well. But I had already downloaded this series years ago. And the dvd is letterboxed with a changed theme song/music. That's two reasons enough for them not to get my money.

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Did you ever buy the DVDs?

I live in the UK and don't download content yet.

I did buy the 2008 NTSC Region 1 box set which is actually coded for regions 1, 2, 3 & 4.

I loved the inclusion of the Gotham Girls web series and unaired pilot as extras.

Birds of Prey is much better than seasons 8-10 of Smallville became and deserved another season unlike CW era Smallville that kept getting worse as time passed.

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The DVD set is $9.96 at Walmart. A great deal for such a good series.


The show seemed to have to fight an uphill battle to survive. Despite reasonable reviews in the beginning, it was a bit slow to catch on, and wasn't the instant, giant, hit that the network was looking for- that being said, I'm not sure that even if it had done bigger numbers, it would have survived.

The show wasn't perfect by any stretch, but it had a lot of promise, as heart-wrenchingly shown in the final two "finale" episodes- given more than half a season to thrive, Birds of Prey would have found it's wings. It had a small, but devoted fan base that became involved in an active campaign to save it, as well as many cast and crew that were truly devoted to the show, and believed in it.

The only happy story in all of it was that the producers of the show saw the writing on the wall that the show was doomed, and left us with a story arc that while disappointing in it's brevity, is fulfilling in it's wrapping up the story within the constrains of it's short lifespan.


Had an excellent finale, and if you liked Buffy or Roswell you'll like Birds. The show is worth buying, but most of the good original music has been replaced including the theme, and it's not done tastefully.


I have only heard about this show recently and it sounds very interesting. Im wondering if the dvd is worth buying for someone who hasnt seen it before?

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Tough question.

When I first heard of the series, I had someone tape the premiere for me since I don't have cable. I was interested in the Birds of Prey story, because I have a mild interest in comics, and read up on the comic-book version of the Birds of Prey.

I really liked the premiere episode, and eventually managed to see the whole series on YouTube (you didn't read that last sentence).

Like most series, there are really good episodes, middling episodes, and really dumb episodes.

There are stand-out performances by Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon, the ex-Batgirl forced to remake her image in the aftermath of a crippling shooting, as well as Mia Sara as the psychopath/psychiatrist Harleen Quinzell/Harley Quinn. There's this dangerous relationship Harley has as Helena (Huntress) Kyle's court-appointed shrink: Criminal Mastermind vs. Superhero, so throughout the series there is a tension about whether they will discover each others' alter ego. And if so, what are the consequences??! I won't spoil it, but you can imagine they might be pretty devastating.

If you're in it for eye-candy, there's plenty to look at in this series. (Shemar Moore as Det. Jesse Reese...mmmm) Jesse is a sort of updated version of Commissioner Gordon, as he slowly learns about Huntress, and whether or not he can trust her in his quest for conquering the bad guys of New Gotham, and for answers to all the 'freakishly weird' stuff that happens after dark.

If you're a comic book purist, then Birds might not be the series you'll want to spend your money on, since it does take several liberties with comic book canon.

Is it worth buying? Well, I enjoyed what I saw of it, and I shelled out the bucks. Plus, the cute Flash-animation series 'Gotham Girls' is thrown in as an extra. Might not be incentive for most, but the Birds of Prey series certainly works as an entertaining distraction.

Down with spoilers!


If you liked batman returns, batman beyond or smallville you'll probably like this show.
As a Batman fan the show kind of took it in a direction I didn't like going; namely one where the Dark Knight had evidently given up his quest. Not to mention I'm not into stories about batman in the future.
However it's pretty enjoyable and if you can lighten up as a fan and laugh along with movies like batman and robin like I can then I'd recommend it.
I bought it because I like it on it's own terms, sort of like a "what if..." story like Marvel does (and yes I read Spider-Girl) plus the trailer for this show is literally what propelled me into becoming a Batman fan in the first place and I'd almost forgotten til I saw it finally came to DVD.
I AM however PISSED that they replaced Aimee Allen's kickass "revolution" with some other song.


When I herd it was cannceld I was peeved I loved the show and the story line. I think if it was to have a 2nd season we would have probley seen Batman Come in and help his daughter. I'm not up set that they canged the songs but i am mad they put in all the things she said by TATU. That song was not worth putting in the show cause at the time it was popular MTV only aired it at night and hardly any radio station aired it and it caught flack with everybody about the TATU girls. After a while the ratings got low and they decied to cann it. I am mad that They should have just cannceld some thing else on WB and give this show a chance. I am going to find the DVDs and get them I don't care how much WB changed them I still want them. I love the theme song I was just thinking about it the other day i can't find the album its on which is a bummer.


For those of you who have never seen the show check with your rental places. You may be surprised to find they have it available to rent.

In the US even try your local library. Some libraries are offering up DVDs to borrow (mine does).

Personally I enjoyed the show and thought it had promise but it seemed the network didn't promote it and then started to play around with the date/time airing so it became hard to find.

You hear rumors and there is a lot of speculation, but in typical USA form networks often do not give some shows a chance even if they have decent or excellent ratings or win People's Choice Awards or get some other type of award nomination (Emmy).

They go with out-of-date Nielsen ratings these days and the cheapest budget they can do. Lately it seems like they're cutting way back on budgets so some shows go through casting changes or eliminations, reduction in episodes ordered, or outright cancellation in favor of more Reality TV and Primetime Game Shows.


Just an FYI. CW Seed is showing all episodes for free. Lots of repetitive commercials, but free.