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Order of Events: The Circuit

The movie is out of order and that's okay! Dirk, while looking for Jeremy is told of an after hours invite only club. We'll skip how he doesn't have an invitation and knocks a guy out that's pissing, for being an @$$hole. He's wearing different clothes from the scene before, strange but possible. Who are the people inside? Why is Dirk let in? Why didn't they they recognise him when he arrived? It was a tiny club! The dark haired woman, I swear, is a cheerleader at the beginning/end and is Max's girl. Why was the bartender a hooker? Why did she proposition and give info to some random guy? Which going to the earlier point, she should have known who he was. Here's where the mind screw comes in. It had been one maybe two days since Dirk ended his three minute date to go talk to his brother about joining the circuit. Which he could have done before, no? At the club the bartender/hooker states, "Business is booming ever since The College Kid started.", what? They show Jeremy's first fight minutes after the club scene takes place. This one scene turns the movie into the biggest mind screw of any "American" martial arts movie. A matter of months turn into days. A week becomes two days. A woman you barely know has the number to your friends house and you are surprised to find out she's a reporter! I conclude that The Circuit and The Room may take place in the same European occupied California. What university has one person on their football team and three cheerleaders? Why did Vixton never fight? Why did Kwan think he/they were great fighters? Too many questions, too many questions!