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Becoming more ACA like?

Does anyone else thing 60 minutes is starting to lose that serious current affairs feeling it used to have and is instead taking the ACA "slap as many rubbish stories as we can in 30 minutes" approach? For example, 60 minutes used to always be pretty much 3x ~20 minute stories, and Peter Harvey's mailbag, which I liked. Now they have 1 20 minute story, and 3 other stories, plus the mailbag, plus some other filler piece between it and the end.

It's the heavily condensed bits I don't like. It just feels 'cheap' to me, what does everyone else think?


I know this reply is 9 months late but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents. I have been thinking the same thing but only in the last few months. They still do some fantastic stories and they have some of our best journos on there. But there are some stories that just don't have the typical 60 minutes quality we are used to.

There was the huge story only about 3 weeks ago on the pacific brands case and I just didn't think the journo (I think it was Ellen Fanning) was doing very well. Apart from the fact that Sue Morphet, the head of Pacific Brands did really well in defending her decision, it just seemed a bit to much like a typical ACA witch hunt. ACA are famous for picking a side and steering the story towards their target audience. And this just didn't seem like a balanced report. Sure it was bad that so many people lost their jobs and if I was won of them I would be as angry as they were. But at the end of the day it is business and events like this are always going to happen.

The "Turned On" story from October 16, 2008, was the first time where I thought "this is ACA crap". Here's a link to the story. I just saw the story and thought "this is just an excuse to put boobs on at prime time". Liam Bartlett did the story and he's a very decent Journo, I wonder how he felt about having to do it. I not a prude, I like boobs as much as the next person, probably more, but I just didn't think this was a story that deserved the time that was put into it. Liam Bartlett would be better served putting his skills into a worthwhile story.

Well that's all I've got to say at the moment but yeah I think there is a definite air of ACA about the current 60 minutes. I will keep watching as long as there are at least 2 stories that don't insult my intelligence.


I remember that sory and everytime (Has only been a couple) Fanning did one, I knew it'd be just an extended piece of ACA rubbish. They need Peter Overton back, get rid of Michael Usher and start doing the big, hard stories again.

BTW, wasn't Ray Martin supposed to have retired? Why does he have to be wheeled back out when those 'feel good' sort of stories are to be done? He was on again with the chinese girl who lost her family to do that story. It strikes me as odd how they added extra staff to the show, yet randoms like Fanning and Martain still seem to steal the stories from the crew who actually introduce themselves at the start.


if stories are shorter its because they are very busy kidnapping and traumatising small children.