Is this available on DVD officially?

I'd love to buy it, this cartoon was one of many favourites when I was growing up in the 80's, so obviously I didn't see it during it's first run, but thankfully it was being shown here in Scotland during the 80's and early to mid 90's as I remember.


Larry Harmon studios still maintains it. So they would need to license it to get it onto DVD.

However it remains to be seen once WB eliminates everything they own of the HB library if they will try to pursue some of the lost ones (and maybe some Ruby Spears ones too)

Since the only non WB releases we have so far and i count, Endemol put out Drak Pack and Dinky Dog, Universal released the Jetsons movie and licensed the Punky Brewster cartoon to Shout Factory (which released all but one of the episodes) and Toho released the first season of Godzilla but that agreement ended and they are now OOP.

So yeah if it's not owned by WB, it's chances aren't all that stellar to be honest. But there's some hope.

I'd love to actually see this show given i'm a child of the 90s but i loved the episode of the New Scooby Movies, i'd like to see this take on the classic duo (that i also love) in action. And on a record note it's one hell of triva to tell people the person voicing Stanley is Bozo the Clown lol.

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