Took me by surprise

This is in no way a "great" film. But considering I caught this on cable late at night, assuming it was probably one of those softcore skin flicks, I was very impressed. Despite its low budget, the acting was solid, the characters were well-written and the story was engaging. And unlike most of those late night skin flicks, there were actually some genuinely sexy moments. It helps that the lead actress, Vanessa Ferlito, is very sexy and has a good natural beauty. If this were a Hollywood film, they probably would've casted a Playboy centerfold in the role, which would of course be unrealistic.


I watch lots of film.....

I recently aquired this film as part of an 80-title
purchase of DVD's from one of my fave dealers.
I often buy films in large quantity--
I realize that not everyone buys the way I do,
but...that has little to do with what I have to say next.....


It's been a long time since I rated anything "1" here on IMDb,
--and wished they offered "0"(zero) for an option,--
but after seeing "On Line" tonight
(just now, in fact, --the disc is still in the DVD player),
I came right to this site to puke-up my lowest-possible vote.

It's rare when I cannot find ANYTHING good to say about a film,
...but this is one of those rare occasions.... my humble opinion, of course.....



I agree with the TC. I was trying to fall asleep last week and caught this about 30 minutes into it and got really into it. I mean, I agree that its not a great movie, but its pretty decent.