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Interesting movie, but it already seems dated

You can really tell that On_Line was made back in 2001, at the height of the Web Cam craze. Back then, all of the "cool" people were getting into video chat, and it seemed like everyone would be doing it soon. I guess that explains why everyone in the movie has these crazy high-end (well, for 2001 anyway) video confrencing setups, and ultra fast broadband connections that never missed a frame of video or had a studder in speech. :)

Of course, web cam sites never gained mass popularity, and social sites like myspace and Friendster are still basically limited to text and pictures five years later. It's still an interesting way at looking how things could have been, though.


It's an interesting snapshot of a moment in time. Just because the whole webcaming thing didn't exactly catch on doesn't mean it didn't happen. It was quite popular among a certain hipster subsect for a while there.


Nice opinion..

I would suggest you to look for a webcam chat servise like and then say what you think..

There are millions of people there that some use webcam in chat every day (and most on weekly basis)..

(I am also quite sure that it is not the only option - I for instance use Skype much with a webcam).