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:o I can;t believe the lack of people on here!

I really loved this movie! It was so original. Somehow it just fit together perfectly. I have watched it three times. Very, very interesting. :) Are there any more like this movie out there?



At first I didn't really get into it, I was more interested in seeing Isabel Gillies (Moira) when it aired on TV and then I got the DVD, sat myself down and practically forced myself to watch the whole thing. It wasn't bad at all. Not the best movie ever but it's not the worst either. I like it, it was decent. I like the chat room tricks that they've pulled and I think Josh Hamiliton is rather on the cute side! Plus the dude that played Moe was on OZ...well there's a 6-degree angle for you: "Moe" was on OZ with Christopher Meloni who's on SVU with Isabel Gillies and their characters were both involved with her character! Plus Josh has work with Isabel before as well.