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WTF? 4 threads now, including this one...

That's just... not kewl™


Not enough boobs and 'splosions.

Just caught it on cable. First time seeing it and years and came to see what people were saying about it. Bummer to see only 4 threads.


Of course there were several pages here.
They were all deleted.


Deleted? Why?


Who knows, you can see the oldest thread is from Feb 22 2016, so no doubts.


I've seen it happen on lots of movies' IMDB boards.

IMDB periodically just deletes all content of a movie's messageboard. No idea why.


Yeah, it sucks. There used to be a great thread on here about what the different colors represent. I stopped by to snatch a copy of it for a friend.

What sick game is IMDB pulling here?

Hitler! C'mon, I'll buy you a glass of lemonade.


I can't believe it either! As soon as it came out I looked for it because it was endorsed by Q. Tarantino. I remember the commercials with the arrows clouding the sky and everything when it was released. Does anybody know why they deleted those threads?


So save save Kb's of disk space? I don't see any other reason. :D

Here's another case.

Also I should update the title, now there are 3 threads.


IMDb deletes threads every once in a while, depending on how active the board is. I this board's time was up.



I remember posting here back when I first heard of and watched this film.
Around 2004-06-ish I believe. So that post is GONE!

I first heard about this film when I purchased my Sony HS-510 Hi-Def 34" CRT TV set in 2004.

When I bought the TV at Best Buy they gave me a DVD to show off the beauty of the TV set.
(A Test Disk or a Calibration Disk)
Of course this was before there was a 'Standard' in High Definition at that time.
Blu-Ray and HD-DVD was battling it out for the 'Standard' in High Definition.

So that being said the disk that was given to me was NOT any kind of Hi-Def.
It was only a DVD.
Still it was majestic to see what was out there in the world of DVD's at that time.
(I actually forget the other films on that disk...I have it somewhere...LOL)

This film 'Hero' was one of them. That I could not forget.
They used the scenes where they shot the mega arrows at the school.

It was impressive to view even at DVD level. So I had to find this film to watch it in its entirety.

This is such a beautiful story. It is way more than just fighting.
And in watching this again today I just realized that Donnie Yen was in it.
I did not know of him in 2004-06-ish era.

I need to purchase this film on Blu-Ray now. Netflix or Amazon Prime or even Cable does not do it justice.

I still own that TV and still use that TV. It is one of the best HDTV sets ever made. At that time it was CRT TVs or Plasma TV sets.
(I 'think' if I remember correctly you could of gotten other type of sets but they were inferior by a long shot)

Plasma TV sets cost anywhere from $4000.00 to over $10,000.00 back then. (40" I believe was the largest in Plasma)
AND those Plasma sets from that time are for the most part 'worn out'. They would lose their plasma and dim. CRT TV sets like mine still work as if I bought it yesterday.
I remember family and friends coming over just to see what HDTV looked like when we bought ours.
They were amazed at how BIG the screen was. (34") Now people say how small it is. LOL

Last year a part failed on the On-Off Switch. About a $20.00 chip to fix it.
(It would not turn on...It was trying could hear it trying to but it would not)
My son was telling me to replace it. I said NO! So my friend and I carried that monster (206 lbs) to the truck and took it in to get fixed.
It is working perfectly once again and we still enjoy using it today...