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after almost 20 years, yall still havent told me...

1. why the VHS tape was angry at the teens

2. how a VHS tape is able to have emotions in the first place


1. Perhaps (and I am only guessing) the VHS tape had been eaten by a defective VHS player at a teens party. Since the VHS tape wasn't too intelligent, it simply took out its frustrations on everyone, rather than the just teen who's tape player ate it in the first place.

2. The VHS tape was the second cousin twice removed from Johnny 5. Considering that Johnny 5 was hit by a lightening bolt and given life, then perhaps (again, I am only guessing) the VCR that ate the tape was also a victim of an electrical surge, which caused the tape to be eaten, but also gave life to the tape. Which leads me to wonder if there is also a man eating VCR out there that we don't know about... pretty scary if you ask me.


Enigmatic!!!! Merry Christmas!!

your theories are excellent, and well presented. I find #2 the most likely, and yes maybe there is a man eating vcr still lurking somewhere!!


I also want to know what if you didnt have a phone. Would you get a letter from the angry VHS tape?


It is entirely possible, but we MUST take a few things into consideration first.

First: What is the acquired intelligence level of the tape?

Second: Would said VHS tape have the intelligence to write a letter?

Third: Where did the tape learn how to write a letter?

Okay, now today is your lucky day because I have theories to explain all of the aforementioned questions!

Since these days it is okay to self identify as anything that you please, I believe that the tape self identified as a human being, and was able to go through at least one or two grades of the California or New York public school system. That would explain how, and why the tape has learned how to write letters. Now another consideration that needs to be addressed is what was on that tape to begin with. I have an equally ingenious theory on that on as well. I believe that the tape had to be some kind of slasher movie. It's the only logical choice. I mean really, would a VHS tape of Care Bears be so spitefully vindictive? Doubtful! So, what we are dealing with here is a VHS tape that identifies as human, went through about two grades in the California or New York public school system, and as the result of living most of its life as a slasher tape it knows nothing of kindness, or forgiveness. It only knows KILL, STAB, and MURDER. So, I'm thinking that this tape needs extensive therapy in order to function as a productive member of society, or it is not the tapes fault at all, and it is the fault of humanity for making slasher films in the first place. In that case in a court of law the VHS tape that self identifies as being human was in its natural born, er, put together, er forged, er right to eliminate those that it assumed had cause it harm.