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To whomever has all 45 episodes, I will buy them from you even though it's in Spanish, German, Yiddish, whatever... just as long as there is English subtitles :)

But I DO prefer the Japanese version if you have them (even without English subs, if the audio is in Japanese: it's all good!)... Filipino/tagalog dub is alright with me too (with or without English subs)... I understand the language a little soooo yeah...

And I'd so totally pay ANYTHING. >_> Can you tell I'm desperate? I've been downloading the Spanish ones, but their voices really sound silly... and I don't understand Spanish (no English subs either).


Seriously, I'd pay like up to 150 bucks :)


I don't have them my self but if you go to (its an italian company that sells anime on dvd) and type in "georgie" on the search bar you will see some box sets of georgie that are being release. They are in italian but they also have the japanese audio track. keep in mind that they are region 2 dvds. I hope its of some help :)


Thanks for the info partidaf_17-1 ... I think it's time for me to brush up on my Italian. ... It's been such a long time since I saw George ... but, I still have parts of the Italian version theme song stuck in my head.

"And catch a fox and put him in a box and never let him go!"