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I saw this anime series like around 8-10 years ago. And I so badly want to watch it again (now)... I was searching about it, and the title "Candy Candy" always comes up... And I don't think I've ever seen Candy Candy, yet they look so much alike... So are they the same anime? (I think not, but I want to confirm anyways).

And does anyone have Lady Georgie episodes! I miss this show (although I hated the ending... I wish she could have ended up with the Blondie).


Nope ... they are not the same.

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is this DVD with english subtitle?


They're diffrent series, the mangaka however is the same. :) Her name is Yumiko Igarashi.


how does it end? spoil it for me please. i stopped watching when she dressed up as a man and chased that blond guy to england.


All right, major spoilers following.


Georgie finds Lowell in England, but his wealthy family cuts off every ties with him because they wanted him to marry the rich Elise, not poor Georgie. Alas, Georgie and Lowell live harsh lives and the situation is just exacerbated by the fact that he is sick. One night, as he was unconscious, she leaves him in front of his old mansion, knowing he will get best medical care there. But this angers him so much because he now has to marry Elise.

At the same time, Abel and Arthur arrive to England too. Arthur gets in trouble because he accidentally found out about an assassination attempt at the queen, but Abel and Georgie rescue him. She finds her father. Eventually, Georgie, Abel and Arthur return back to Australia.


I think the ending is slightly inconclusive, without a clear finish, but I still enjoyed the anime.

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What?! So we never find out who Georgie ends up with? That sucks.
And why did they call it Lady Georgie anyways? She never attained the status of a lady in England...


Yeah, in the anime they haven't resolved the issue. Kind of a lose end. I never read the manga, but apparently she gets a child with Abel.

They added "Lady" in the title to circle out that to the Japanese audience that it's a shoujo manga/anime, so they won't confuse Georgie with George.