This is a great film.

This is a great film. I've never seen anything like may be the most experimental movie I've ever seen. It's surely the greatest documentary ever filmed. Film technique is really put to the test here. Great score by Miles Davis. ~Adam Driggers

The Day Of The Dead


I've never seen anything like it either, and I hope I never see anything like it again. It goes on my "pretentions pile of crap" list along with a few other really bad movies I have seen. Only gave it one star because IMDb doesn't allow zero.



The section about nude dancing was cut.

Let it be unsaid: insignificance is the locus of true increpation.


I gave it a 5/10 because I'm split down the middle in finding some of it fascinating and clever, and much of it extremely pretentious and needlessly abstruse.

It is certainly far, far from the best documentary-style movie I've seen (Olympia? Man of Aran? Land of Silence and Darkness?... so many others!!!)

Overall - interesting, but overindulgent by more than a half.

I'd rather watch 'Coogan's Bluff' and 'Madigan' again than give it another try.
Or 'Weekend'.

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Only context can save you. Praise the context!


Just think of all the failed film projects, probably in the thousands, that this can represent.
Don't start vast projects with half-vast ideas!


this is fascinating. the director is a genius...i think...well aside from his horrible green mesh shirt (i know it was 1968 but still). don't expect it to go anywhere, its basically like you wandered on to the set of a scene being filmed in central park in the sixties and are privvy to the cast's concern and bafflement (is that a word?). music is awesome as well