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Who else besides Greaves is in on what's going on?

To me, the scenes where the film crew are filming themselves discussing the fact that they don't know what's going on with the shoot and are questioning Bill Greaves' motivations and capabilities are the key to this whole film. Without it, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm would have become a whole different film.

The question is did Bill Greaves know this at the time he was making this movie because he had a collaborator "on the inside" (one of the crew members) who instigated the discussion about where the film was going, or was that scene completely organic and added to the final film because it ultimately defined the entire production? Did the camera really run out of film that one time or was that orchestrated to create a break in shooting that ultimately formed another piece of Bill's choreographed film?

Was this the well planned work of a film making genius or was it a work of genius that was created completely organically by a film maker who didn't know what the result would be? Does it even matter (since the result is the same?

Btw, I almost gave up on this film 30 minutes into it because I was lost and didn't really care. But around the 40 minute mark it finally made sense and I restarted it from the beginning. I'm not sure there's a message to be delved from the film, but it's nothing if not fascinating. It's reality film making 30 years before reality TV became a phenomenon.

Also, who is the "closet fag" that Ron Fellows refers to in the film that's bleeped out? Sounds like Peter somebody.