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Nils Holgerson is the best animated series ever made !!!

This is the best animated series ever made !
It's based on a Novel called :"The Wonerful Adventures Of Nils Holgerson", Writen by Selma Lagerlof.

"Nils is a very naughty Boy who mistreated his parents and the farm animals in his back-yard. One day, a magic dwarf came into the house and when Nils was unkind to him as well, the dwarf set a magic spell on Nils and his little hamster and turned them into dwarfs Liliputs themselves. After beeing attacked by the yard animals,he grasped a goose named Martin,who wanted to fly with a flock of wild geese to Lapland. the flock has experienced many adventures on the journey. but they all approached Lapland with no harm. at the end of the story Nils has returned home and learned an important lesson: that animals has their full rights just the same as human-beings.if you have'nt cried in the last episode-you're not human!:) "

* The description of the plot is taken from the folowing site :

I recomend you to visit the site and see this wonderfull Series - very much !



I agree, such a classic!

Brings back great memories from my childhood :))

-Goodnight, mother of six!
-Goodnight, father of two!


efrat85 - Sat Dec 28 2002 - 00:47:27

This is the best animated series ever made !

I'm inclined to agree.

Brad Kern is Satan


I agree as well. No other series comes this close. A shame that this masterpiece isn't known world-wide. But it's very popular throughough Europe, Japan, even in Arabian countries. Just not in North America. ;) Care to discuss about Nils? Would be pleased! :)