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DVD? What an underrated master piece!!

I saw this first as a child, dubbed in my native language, and then again years later. But I was still spellbound. Great storie, animation the works. I wish some clever boffin would dub this in English and release it to English speaking adiences, as it is a shame not more people got to see this. Corny and trite as it may sound, it does actually make you appreciate animals etc in all their wonder. If you don't cry at the end when Akka says goodbye to Nils, then your heart is made of stone. Fantastic. If it ever comes to DVD, I will be first in line. If it doesn't make it to DVD, then I will just have to read the book for the eleventh time.


Well, look here:


lol I still remember the final episode, I was crying my eyes out for hours, my mom was coming back to comfort me :P

That and David the Gnome are the shows I cried to the most at their ending.

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I'm 27 years old now... if i see the final episode again I will cry my eyes out. My all time favorite cartoon. Wish i have every single episode on DVD.


what happened in the final episode? i haven't seen it.


It was a while ago that I saw this, but I believe it was like this:

Nils and the geese arrived at the farm of Nils' parents, and his parents wanted to sell Marten(or whatever his name was in English) for some reason. Nils got really upset and he kept knocking on the door and he was blowing his whistle. Then his parents heard the whistle and they were like 'Isn't that Nils' whistle??' and then Nils became big again and his parents opened the door and he hugged them and made sure that they did not sell Marten.

Then later Nils went back to the wild geese to say goodbye and thank them for everything, but he couldn't understand them anymore and they were afraid of him and they flew away.

And I'm not sure what he said to Akka in the end.

I have the entire show on DVD though, but I still have to watch them

I believe this is what happened..if I'm wrong someone will have to correct me

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Yes, you described the end of the story quite nicely :) I'm 34, male, and I also cry my eyes out when I see the last four episodes. As one poster said before, if you don't cry when Akka says goodbye to Nils, your heart is made out of stone.

No other series touches you deeply in your soul, like Nils Holgersson does. A shame the american audiences miss that jewel of animation. I've seen thousands of (good) movies and series, but still, Nils is the best of them all, as well as Fly Away Home (1996), which is also about geese flying south, and also very touching, it makes you cry much like Nils does.

I'm always searching for fans of the Series, just write me a pm on here or reply to my post, I'd appreciate it, thanks! :)