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Wow, last post is 2 years ago...

Hey, just thought I'd give this board some CPR seeing as this is such a good movie and all of 3 people have posted here so far.
I had to laugh out loud s o many times during this film, it was so funny!! Stephen playing the straight A nerd, hilarious!
And Nicholas' brooding, aggressive bible-convert was brilliant! Shame we didn't get to see them fight together in the end, they're both very good, especially Nic. But I guess that's what they gave us "2002" for.


Yes, it seemed rather out of (the typical) character for the actors and it's good that they worked to make it good. I thought the CG bits were too much but I'm sure some people love the over-the-top stuff.

The supporting actors really added a lot, what with the portable pharmacy, etc. but I'm surprised any of them were let into the exams, police excuse or not.