Who died in this movie?

I didn't see this movie,so please answer me these questions:

Did Kenshin died at the end?
Did Karou died?
Did Sanoske died?
Did Yahiko died?
Did Kenji died?
Did Hiko( kenshin's master) died?
Did Enshi died?



Kenshin died in Kaoru's arms before the end credits rolled!!!!

As for Kaoru?? Who Knows??

Sanosuke Is still on his travels through the east (China - after locating and helping Kenshin).

Yahiko is happy and is still with the young girl from the Akabeko

Kenshins' master is training young Kenji (Kenshin and Kaoru's son) as well as advising Yahiko.

Kenji is seen post credits so is fine.


If your a fan of Rurouni Kenshin or the Trust & Betrayal OVAs avoid this at all costs.

It's just far too depressing.

It is completely out of place.

Whereas Trust & Betrayal had to be darker than the TV series, and the humourless, kurosawa-esque structure worked in their favour this is just wrong!!

It has soured my memory of one of the greatest shows ever made.

The TV series had everything. Action/Comedy, Samurai/Swordplay historical epic, Drama & Romance and the first two OVAs were exactly what we were all hoping for.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting during which they decided to ruin the whole thing.

If the OVAs were stand-alone projects the all 6 parts over the three OVAs would play rather well it would bring a satifactory conclusion to the story between Kenshin,Tomoe and her brother.

I didn't personnally feel there was a need to disrupt the reletively happy ending of the series with the motion picture (movie) or reflections (OVA).

I'll never watch this again!!

Although the artistry is top-notch and the 5.1 (English) mix is excellent.


I agree. I did not like Samurai X - Reflection that much. But I will buy the Director's Cut when it comes out.


I think the whole thing should be consigned to an alternate universe history and a new ending commishioned.

How did the Manga end?

As I live in the UK I have not yet seen any of the original Manga.

I'd like to know which Kenshin fans prefer and how the story and tone differs?


What about Enishi? What happened in the battle between Kenshin and him?

And what about Megumi? Did she married to Sanosuke or did she died too?

I'm sorry about all these questions, but i'm just very curious.

But one thing is certain.I think that the anime series are way better than OVAs

because they have great humours in it. But the OVAs are just too sad and


Here is a couple of questions too:

Did Saito died in the series?
Dd Saito young apprentice died?
Did Shishio burned to death and what did he said at the end?
Who else died? (in thegreat villains)



I agree. This was the best conclusion to a series that I've witnessed. Although it did end a bit on a depressing note, it was did make for a good semi-happy ending. He died in Kaoru's arms with a smile.
If he had lived, he would have ended up leaving again.

However, to all the people who wanted Kenshin to live or to have a new ending rewritten, remember what was said in the OAV by Megumi. Although Kenshin was extremely athletic, the degree of severity and frequency that he used Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu became taxing on his body. Even Aoshi Shinomori remarked on the stress the body must suffer from using the Amakeru Ryu no Hirameki in the anime series is something to consider also.


Only in that version of things. In the original version, he was through with wandering.

Yes, it was taxing his body, but that wasn't enough to warrant giving him some infectious disease. That's not even realistic. The worst Kenshin would suffer from would be some kind of arthritis or possibly a heart condition which would have to be monitored.



for me, i havent watched the anime so i think the OVAs ARE AWESOME. yes, i was horribly depressed after both OVAs but im a sucker for sad stuff. i think they did a great job for both OVAs with a great OST and drawing. i personally find that the same Kenshin is way too different in the OVA especially Tsuiokuhen and the anime. i think the way they presented the OVAs suit the hitokiri's character better as the anime's abit too.. oro-ish(X just my opinion, though it's really cute to see him act that way! considering the fact that i'd started with the OVAs before everything first, seeing kenshin walk everywhere with huge purple eyes getting bashed up by so-and-so was a rather different atmosphere for me.

for the number of deaths your so curious about, no one died except kenshin (within kenshingumi, at least in Seisouhen) everyone else, they left us to go figure. i think kaoru wont last too long after that.

but i think seisouhen was a wonderful animation, even my mum was impressed(: well that is if you didnt watch the anime. if you did, i have no say. XD and tsuiokuhen was basically really realistic. makes kenshin somehow more.. real. yupp. my opinion!


I have seen the episodes , read the mangas, and saw the ova's
the foursegment ova depicting kenshin's young life is a masterpiece, I can't say anything bad about it

I don't know about this one. If you don't know kenshin it is useless. It is a fine reanimation of certain scenes from the show, but you have to have seen those episodes. But you don't understand anything about it when you haven't read the manga yet.

How far in the future is this? Twenty years?

Well Sanosuke couldn't go back to Japan, I won't spoil too much but in the manga he defeats some corrupt powerful people, but he is sought for that and that's why he doesn't come back with Kenshin.

What revolution was it exactly in China? Was it the 1894-1895 war between China and Japan?

I think it sucked how Kenshin had evolved. He was a poor father ( Kenji doesn't know him) , he barely remembers who he is , and the movie end with the great warrior falling down with his woman and dying???


In the manga there's the revenge arc, which shows a more detailed story of enishi, and it continues with the Kenshin Saito rivalry a little.

Kenshin dies at the end.
Kaoru eventually dies, of the disease (im guessing its syphilis)
Sanosuke stays in china.
Enishi did not die, it shows him leaving after the fight with kenshin.
Saito ends up workin in a museum and dies in his 70's


I'm pretty sure the disease isn't syphilis. Syphilis is an STD and the only person she could have got it from is Kenshin. And Kenshin's not the kind of guy who would sleep around while he was away. I read somewhere that it was leprosy.

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Number 1: Syphilis is spread through bodily fluids, including blood. Kenshin could have got it from someone who was bleeding.

Number 2: It's "Die" not "Died" as in Did Kenshin DIE?

Number 3: Not every Kenshin fan hates Seisouhen! I love it and think that it is the perfect ending for the manga.

From the Attic with Love


The infected blood has to get into the bloodstream, not anywhere else, in order for you to get an STD. If infected blood splatters on your skin or something, you won't get it unless by a freak chance you had an open wound where the blood touched you. Besides, what clues in the movie point towards syphilis at all? It could very well be some other disease that causes bruise-like skin conditions.

Are you in God's grace?
Joan of Arc: If not, God put me there, and if so, God keep me there!


Ok, no, just no
"He would've ended up leaving again?" Kenshin swore to NEVER go wandering again, his soul was at peace after the Kyoto arc.

In the Manga, the TRUE ENDING, Kenshin stays with Kaoru and Kenji as a happy family, knowing he has forgiveness from Tomoe, his scar fades. Enishi learns forgiveness and discovers Tomoe was in peace and truly loved Ken and is taken into custody by the police, but escapes, finding his own truth

Enishi: I'LL KILL YOU FOR REVENGE!!!!!...notice how I'm in a half an hour...half an hour after a TEN VOLUME arc! And all my layers and character drive? GONE! GONE I TELL YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'M CEEEERAAAAAAAZY!

Kenshin: What am I dying of anyway?

Hiko: I'll train Kenji....thus breaking my vow to my apprentice...because I'd never pass on HMR...mainly as the test is fulfilled and the true master chose its way....

Kenshin: I'll offer my life to Enishi! Never mind I decided I'd NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT in the Kyoto Arc and decided the will to live is the strongest thing ever

Kenshin: I'll leave my family and go wandering-which I swore to NEVER DO AGAIN- to help the Meiji FIGHT A WAR!

Kaoru: I'll stand by weeping and wailing when Kenshin breaks his vow and I vowed to never let him go!

Sano: I'll toss my terminally ill best pal in a boat with no guarantee he'll reach home to go slumming around China! I'm the guy who stood against Makoto Shishio for him, too!


The TRUE ending is this OVA ... the comic may have ended on a happier note, but the conclusion to all things is in this OVA. It's highly logical also ... on another note, Kenshin died a forgiven man, because if i am not wrong, his scar disappeared as he died in Kaoru's embrace. This is an important stand point for all his fans, to see that he managed to go in peace and forgiven for all the sins that has committed in his youth. Praise the storywriters for putting in this important and impactful message in the end of the story to end the saga on a positive note.


Um, no the true ending is the original manga. Seisouhen goes against it in every way imaginable, thus rendering it false, or an AU telling at best. It's fine to deviate a bit in a movie when translating from a book, but to completely bastardize the characters and change the story to the opposite of its original is unforgivable.




"The infected blood has to get into the bloodstream, not anywhere else, in order for you to get an STD. If infected blood splatters on your skin or something, you won't get it unless by a freak chance you had an open wound where the blood touched you. Besides, what clues in the movie point towards syphilis at all? It could very well be some other disease that causes bruise-like skin conditions. "

you can also get syphilis if the infected bloode touches a mucus gland.

ie; mouth, lips, eyes, etc.


Yeah I do have to agree that this movie was really depressing considering how light-hearted the TV series was. It really did fit in well with the trust and betrayal OVA, but did it really have to end this sadly? Anyway, I was wondering about this disease that Kenshin and Kaoru have. I have not seen the whole TV series and I was wondering where they both got it from. Do they show it in an episode?



Both Kenshin and Kaoru died of tuberculosis. At least that was the answer to an anime trivia quiz I'd seen once. It kind of makes some sense, tuberculosis was prevalant at the time.


The OAV wasnt written by the creator of Kenshin, and he said it himself, he prefers happy endings himself. Int Reflections, they were all characterized POORLY. Kenshin had no desire to wander anymore, and they made him so in the OAV. The true creator and teller of kenshins story left it off on a happy note, and any real kenshin fan knows the real ending, and disreguards this OAV as an AU telling.
I myself do not agree with it, as its severe lack of everything, especially with the jinchu arc in the manga. The tv series and manga are RK to me, nothing else exists, but thats just my opinion, of course. I see Kenshin and Kaoru as happy grandparents myself, later on down the road.
Like the manga creator said, he left it off to the fans own imagination!




Karou? with the japanese audio you actualy hear her weeping all the up and alittel byond the fade to black so you actualy do not see her die if she does


Yes. Kenshin died. He had a horrible disease. Of course he died.

In my opinion, I do think Kaoru died as well. The ending scene with an older Kenji looking at.. okay, I forgot the place, but it was either where Kenshin died or where Kenshin and Kaoru had been emotionally connected. The scene was so sad, and it seemed to me that Kenji was mourning silently for both parents.

I don't know about everybody else. I'm pretty sure they lived though.

Personally, for all I loved the series, I couldn't bring myself to love the last OAV. Once I finished weeping into the dvd case (I think I ended up holding it like it could change the ending), I packed the disc safely away and got it as far away from me as I could get it. It was far from my favorite, no matter how interesting the art style and visuals were.

I much prefer Trust and Betrayal. For all its agnsty-ness and shallow character development, it was a look into Kenshin's youth. That's what I'd been waiting for the whole series. I got it. I was happy.

I never got to read the manga, but if it has a happy ending, I'd gladly spend $200+ dollars to own every single volume.


In the last scene, Kenji is staring at the place in front of the river where his parents died. It's also where Kenshin said "sayonara" to Kaoru when he departed for Kyoto 20 years earlier. Yeah, mourning not only for his parents, but also for the happy childhood he was deprived of because Daddy Dearest had to "atone" instead of be there for his family.

Oh, they definitely live on in canon. If Watsuki had wanted them to die, he would've killed them off in the story.

Nor could I. I'm glad I just watched it on VOD once and never wasted my money on the DVDs. Well, you can sell it on eBay. There are plenty of people who will want it since they don't know the difference between the animated version and the manga.

Tsuiokuhen was OK, but was way too angsty for a Kenshin story. Read the Rememberances mini-arc in volumes 19 - 21 in the manga and you'll see what I mean. I particularly dislike how the OVA turns Tomoe into this icy bitch. She's not like that in the manga. She's a very likable character!

It's definitely worth it! Also, don't forget to get Yahiko no Sakabatou and the Kenshin Kaden, which are little followup stories Watsuki did to cover what happens to the characters after the manga ends. They're cute because you get to see Kenji.



It's obvious that people just don't understand Seisouhen if comments from people like shadowhawk are any indication. Kenshin kept helping people after his wedding BECAUSE HE WAS A GOOD PERSON. Think Mother Theresa. He couldn't bear to sit back and do nothing while people suffered. Giving your life over to helping people ISN'T a weakness, it is a STRENGTH. He stopped HATING HIMSELF after the manga, but that didn't mean that he didn't want to continue to help others.

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Actually Vash, I understand Kenshin quite well. I agree that he would continue to help people for the rest of his life. But he would do it in a way that would not hurt his family by depriving them of his presence. He would simply continue on as a swordsman in a more limited capacity after losing his Hiten abilities and beat up on the local thugs and yakuza, whom he would be capable of handling well into his 50s.

As for Tsuiokuhen, I actually take back most of what I said about it. Tomoe's not an icy bitch in the Japanese version, just in the dub. The dub for it is is so horrible and makes the characters sound like robots. But the Japanese seiyuu do such a beautiful job in the first set of OVAs and bring out the characters' feelings quite well.

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All I have to say is thank you thank you for telling me that Kenshin died and how it happened to spare me from watching the movie. I haven't seen it and I'm still sitting here bawling at my computer. I'd be a wreck after watching it (I about killed my fiance after he made me watch Samurai X and I knew nothing of Kenshin at that point).