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Please show it again, TNT

I first saw this wonderful movie in late 2001, very late at night (imagine my confusion at the copyright date of 2002). I stopped to watch because I saw John DeLancie, but I was soon hooked. I loved the nostalgia and the little-engine-that-could theme. It was on only twice more, back to back in one night. I'd hoped that when Sharif Atkins joined ER, and later had his own short-lived series this year, that TNT would try to capitalize on having a movie with him, but they didn't. Maybe now that he's been in The 4400? I don't mean to sound like a Sharif Atkins stalker, I'm not, though he is a fine actor.

If you love this movie, please go to the TNT website and submit a request for them to show it again. I remember it aired around the same time as Door to Door, which has been shown many, many times. Please Ted?