Times Have Changed, Haven't They?

Incredible as it may seem today, Original Broadway Cast Albums were usually recorded in one long session on the first Sunday after a show's first full week of performances, and were usually in stores four to five weeks later. Nowadays a cast album sometimes isn't recorded until several months into the run (the recent revival of PORGY AND BESS opened in January - the cast did not go into the recording studio until March, and the CD was released in May). Nor, in many cases, are the 'big' labels doing the cast albums anymore.

This documentary gives a striking insight into the creative process involved in recording an Original Cast Album. It's 1970, and notice how many people, including the cast, composer, and producers (Hal Prince, who produced the show, and Thomas Z. Shephard, who produced the album) are smoking, and even in the studio!!!

"In my case, self-absorption is completely justified."