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Does Anyone Else Wish Sega Would Make Another 2D Game

I've had Sonic since I was 4, and still play them at the age of 21, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis series of games are timeless, I've replayed them year after year on my old Mega Drive, and was delighted when they released them all on one PS2 disc.

I wasn't too crazy about the 3D versions on the Dreamcast, PS2 and PS3. They were fun but just didn't have the feel that the originals had. Sonic Rush was a nice effort but again just didn't have the same effect the Genesis series had.

Does anyone else wish Sega would commission Sonic Team to create another 2D game or is it just me that misses those days? With the technology available and the simplicity of a 2D environment they could create something legendary and of an epic size.


I'm 22 and find myself playing Wii Virtual Console/Sonic Gem Collection titles of Sonic 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles and also Sonic CD. To fill the gap I play Sonic GBA and Rush; like you I find them enjoyable but somewhat lacking. I just wish there was a GREAT Sonic 3d game like Mario has. Ever since Mario hit 3d it's been a flawless entry (minus Sunshine). Some of the 3d Sonic titles are good, but none have made me want to buy back into the Sonic franchise.

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I really wish they would wake up and realize that the 3D Sonic games all stink, simply because the gameplay that made the franchise so addictive does not transfer into a 3D environment at all. I would love a brand new 2D Sonic game, as I've been playing the same four games for a decade and a half now. "Sonic Rush" was the next best thing, though.