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Did Dolarhyde mean for Reba to live?

I know with his mental condition it's hard to come to a conclusive answer but it's obvious that Dolarhyde had no intentions of killing himself. But did he mean for Reba to live to help cover his tracks or was it dumb luck?

It seems that hoping she got out of a burning house that she's not very familiar with is a haphazard way of tying up loose ends but at the same time I'm not sure he even cared at that point. Having Reba involved at all seems like it would have jeopardized his plan to go after Graham. It would be likely that the cops would have checked out Reba's place and found evidence of Mandy's death and that would have put everyone on alert. It's been a lot of years since I read the book so I really don't recall much about this plot point at all, or even if it happens like it does in the movie.


I would think that she needed to live in order for him to fake his death. If I recall, didn't she hear him "shooting himself" and then using another victim to burn in his stead? Since she is blind, she would be able to tell the police that he shot himself.