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What were the most stimulating concepts for you?

This film has some truly stimulating concepts and perspectives on creation and life. Which ones were hilights for you? A couple for me:

We are all products of the cosmos - literally made from atoms that were once stars, nebulae, and then rivers, trees, volcanoes. Once we pass on, our atoms will once again become those wonderful works of nature.

We are not made of atoms. Atoms flow through us like water in a river, but our life is more like the river - directing the flow of matter. Defying the laws of entropy that pull us towards decay. This refers to the fact that much of the tissues in our body is replaced every few days/months/years. So we are in fact a different 'person' to ourselves even just a few years ago.


This wasn't actually said or implied by the movie, but it did spark the thought:

Does energy have space or time?

I will be working on this idea to see where it goes.


There were only 2 good concepts presented IMO:

1. That atoms flow through us and are recycled. Not a very new or interesting idea, but certainly something that's good to remember from time to time.

2. That all life persists by devouring other life in an eternal struggle. Not too new of an idea either but one that's probably not widely accepted as people love to imagine (or wish for) "peace" in the world.

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