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What do the carnivores eat???

Ok. This may well be explained in the books (I've only read the 1st one) but what do the Farthing Wood carnivores eat in White Deer Park??

I assume they're only permitted to be on Farthing land. But on Farthing land is where the oath is upheld so that means that Adder, Fox, Owl etc can't get anything to eat?? Or the carnivores DO go beyond Farthing land and the herbivores stay INSIDE the boundaries so the carnivores know who NOT to munch.

Anyone got the definitive answer? Because, in the series, Toad assures the frogs that they'll keep Adder on THEIR side of the pond so she can't eat the frogs... but that means she can't eat anything!

And what about after Scarface's death? What then? Has it been so long that none of the original Farthing Wood animals are alive and it doesn't matter who eats what any more?