Strongest Memories

My strongest memories of this shows as a kid seems to be everytime that an animal died!! I remember so clearly when the pheasents were shot, the hedgehogs were runs over, when one of the fox cubs were killed my Scarface, and the strongest of all, when the butcherbirds killed the mice!! I just remember blood...lots of blood...

It was amazing that it was actually aimed at childrens, but a brilliant kids show nonetheless.

I wish I owned it on DVD or VHS...watching it on YouTube is great, but I would like my own copy of this treasured show.

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Yes the deaths were very memorable, there is one in particular that I will *never* forget.

One of the foxes, must have been an episode or two after her introduction - the episode just began with her being dead, no warning, just dead.

It affected me, I had only seen her on the show for a short time, but there was something about her character I liked.

Interestingly - we never found out how she died...


Dreamer - and yeah, same here. I was so upset when they killed her off. I always liked her better than Charmer (her sister).

I need to return some videotapes


I can't really remember the scene that well (since I think I was a little kid when I watched the episode), but I think one of those blue fox cubs became friends with one of the fox cubs... but then the other was killed. T_T I wish I remembered which one it was...

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I will never forget the deaths of the hedgehogs or when the heron I believe, but I could be mistaken, ate a mouse and her husband comes out crying "My wife! You ate my wife!"

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the newts died in the fire or dehydrated or something, it was awful


I used to love watching this show when I was a kid. I watched the entire series from beginning to end, and I remember scenes like it was yesterday. I remember Badger dying, Scarface getting bitten by Adder, I think Owl's mate died, and I remember this big huge rat...maybe I'm thinking of another tv show. But there was this HUGE rat and I think Adder bit his tail off..causing him and the rest of his pack to leave Farthing Wood.

I wish they would play this show on tv again, watching it on Youtube just isn't the same.


When Moley died I cried for so long. He was my favourite and then I remember afterwards Moley's nephew comes along and Badger thinks he's Moley and he keeps saying "Oh eveeryone kept saying you were dead but I knew you'd turn up." And when Moley's nephew tries to explain he's not Moley he just says don't be silly.


Yeah they were all pretty memorable..

And Claphaban that was one of the most saddest parts for me too! With Badger thinking it was Moley still.

It's funny I used to think this series went on for a looong time. But looking at the episodes now... not really as long as I thought it was lol!

Anyone know where you can find good quality torrents for the episodes??

So far I've only found dodgy WMV files... If someone captured the old videos and put them onto the computer why oh why didnt they do it in good quality

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The Butcher Bird is something I'll always remember. He spiked the poor little mice on thorns so he could eat them.

But god, I cried so much. Dx



The strongest memories i had was first off in the episode "Whistlers Quarry" Toad was nearly eaten by a carp I can always remember when whisler toke the fish out the water and you see it gasping for air he then puts it back in the water

I can also remember the animals trying to get across the motorway (I actually remember seeing this one in primary school) the 2 moments i can always remember from that one was the infamous scene of the hedgehogs being hit by a truck and also when adder is lifted to saftey by whisler much to her annoyce and everyone laughing at her.

Another one I can remember which I think was a promo for the show was a clip of weasel singing "pop goes the weasel" (I actually asked about this on the message board years ago).

Recently I watched the entire first season and these are the only 2 episodes I can remember (Even though I can remember the characters and there voices) by the way after seeing this again i thought the first season was very good I might watch season 2 & 3 I don't know.

I actually have 4 favorite characters now Weasel,Adder,Owl and Whistler.


I just started re-watching this show, probably 15 years since I saw it.
The two things I remembered was the wonderful music, and the death of the hedgehogs...

Re-watching stuff you loved from childhood rarely turns out well, but this is a truly wonderful show!