Elvis 1994 The Tribute

Hosted by John Stamos. Did anyone else see that? It had some great bloopers or comedic moments from the 1968 special. It is what made me an Elvis fan.


HI Luckyboots, No I didn`t see the program, but I`ve seen everything filmed from the 1968 special(The 3 DVD box)and it`s just great....all of it. Nice to see that it still matters to put Elvis on TV.....welcome to the Elvis world....don`t know for how long you`ve been a fan(Since the program title says 1994), but welcome anyway.


thank you very much for your welcoming.

yeah, basically Ive been a fan since then, since 1994. I was almost 12. Been a fan ever since.

Ohhhh...theres a 3 dvd box set of the 68 special? Ive seen all I can find on youtube, but oooh that sounds like something I should get.



First of all, the show you're talking about is this one:


And secondly you can buy the Comeback Special here: