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The Sound of Silence from the soundtrack

I'm really hoping someone on here can tell me who sings "The Sound of Silence" from the soundtrack of "Parasomnia". I know that Simon & Garfunkel sang the original, I want to find out who sings it for this soundtrack. Help? Please?


I came here lookin' for the same thing. Got the DVD from Netflix and watched it last night. The song's Wikipedia article mentions several covers and one is by Emilíana Torrini, an Icelandic singer. Google pulled up a link to her cover on YouTube, although it's just the song set to Spiderman 3 clips (someone definitely had a lot of time on their hands). Anyway, thought I'd post the link to see if anyone can tell me if this is the song or not. Certainly sounds like it, but I could be wrong. All I know is it was a woman singing the cover in "Second Sight: Parasomnia."

Here's Emilíana Torrini's cover on YouTube:


I've heard the Alizee's version and it sound really close to the one used in Parasomnia. But i don't now exactly when it was recorded...

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