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Veryfing English/French version for those interested or confused

I recently stumbled upon this forum and saw that people were mentioning the DVD also containing a French/Disneyland Paris version in language options. I checked my DVD and didn't see that, and was a bit confused.

Other people were also saying their copies also did not have that feature. I wasn't sure if this was just someone causing mischief by confusing everyone, or if it was a fact, so I went to Silver Platter and bought another copy.

This copy did contain the Audio Options menu in Set-Up.

Just wanted to clarify this with anyone interested who was unsure whether this was true or false.

DVD without French option:

DVD with French option:

There are absolutely no differences between the two versions on the disc or the front/spine/back of the case.
The version with the French option had those little locks on the side of the case, and didn't have the song list card the English-only version did.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone interested in/confused about the French/Disneyland Paris version of the DVD.


Thanks for the information!