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Will Estes is such a great actor,so cute too.Love him in this movie!!!

Each time i watch will i smile,remembering his great "realistic performance"in this top 10 rated movie. True stories are ALWAYS best, but seeing will estes in this movie is one of the BEST i've ever seen.

In a interview,Will Estes said that,this movie was hard to make but the cast made it so much easier for him...

He was saying that, he had family member,or someone close to his fam,who went thru the same thing with a deadbeat parent,the father etc. and how it was hard for him to do this role.But he was glad he did and how close he felt with Margaret Jay and the bro.
Your able to FEEL IT in each scene too. LOVE WILL ESTES in this role.

💗I also love him in BLUE BLOODS too..

Glad this movie came on again this much.
each time it's on i watch...with TEARS,emotion and happiness too.(the end mainly)
thanks to will,and the others.


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