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Bonnie Baken? Her name should be Bonnie Bacon!

The way she tears into that bacon...Judy must be on psychiatric meds (which increase the appetite). The way she says 'I'm fine'...sure you are honey.

Anybody notice while she's eating lunch with her mom, she tries to stuff a too big piece of white bread in her mouth with a fork while the camera is focused up close on her, and her eyes grow big as she tries to gulp it down while she is being filmed tn a tight close up?

At the end of the meal she cooked, where her father is offering to do the dishes for her while she is going off to a dance with Alex, and she hugs Dad happily, I was expecting
her to say "Oh dad, you give me the greens'. (green light-meaning 'you're OK with me').

It's fortunate for Judy that they didn't sell back then those bacon flavored strips for dogs-Beggin Strips, she'd be snarfin' them up too.

Still, I think she's hysterical, very over the top. Too bad we can't see her in one of the few other shows she did.