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The feral savages doing the rioting...

...Why were they not shot down on the spot? The army should have been deployed where they could have easily picked off the savages from the air or with mortar shells from a distance.

Why let so many innocent people be attacked, murdered, and raped by what appears to be nothing more than feral beasts? Savages who would use any excuse to randomly attack and murder should be executed on the spot.

Where am I wrong?

I understand the law, but there was more to it than that.
Fear of being called a 'racist', and APPEARING to be unsympathetic to the 'community' was the real story.

Its far better to let stores and homes burn and innocent people be pulled from their cars/homes/stores and murdered than to appear 'racist' in America now.

How disgusting.

Now every one of those scumbag savages that were rioting have 'Obama phones' and use them from time to time to stage 'flash mob' robberies, plan places to 'smash n grab', or snicker and talk about 'creepy ass crackas'...but you better not appear racist!

Hold your breath waiting on any tear-jerking movies about the horrors the innocent victims faced or their struggles just to eat and walk these days.

That would APPEAR racist and we'd have to have more vigils, prayers, marches, boycott's, attacks on innocent people, and midnight-basketball to calm down the 'community'.

Ooops...being honest is being racist!


Obama phones?


Asshôle, shut up.