Dolphin Badges

What the hell kind of submarine badges were they wearing? They were WAY too big to be authentic US Navy submarine badges. And i also noticed that enlisted men as well as officers wore gold badges. The official US Navy submarine dolphin badges are smaller and gold for officers and silver for enlisted. To see what the REAL badges look like check out Well it was a pretty cheesey movie anyway. The special effects were especially cheesey.

If you have to ask or you haven't been there, you wouldn't understand.


yeah and how about the haircuts and lack of discipline, at least *pretend* to give a crap

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Almost everything was wrong in this film--besides the fake dolphin insignia probably spiking the gold market in their size, why did't any of the HQ submarine officers wear theirs including the Admiral who as a 2-star could never have served in Vietnam 37 years ago by his rows of ribbons.

Don't they hire technical advisors to help on these things? Gerald McRaney has made enough military movies that he should have been able to tell the director this thing was all screwed up--where was Major Dad when we needed him?

Fortunately for the HQ staff, the young female LT told the Admiral not to worry about that nuclear armed submarine, the Captain never panicked at the Academy when during a sailing race the spinnaker came down. Hah, hah, hah. Very comforting and you could tell, since her advice was always right, you really did not need a staff there, she could have run the whole show all by herself.

The officers were a joke and the tattoo of the anchor of the Chief of the Boat's arm looked like Robin Williams in Popeye.

When the boat surfaced after they thought there had been a nuclear war, the smartest guys in the US miliary about nuclear energy just open the hatch and go for a look-see. Right. When they came back down, the camera panned to the expressions of horror on the faces of the crew--I thought for a moment it was that they were looking at that pirate guy on Pirates of Carribean or that a booger was hanging down from the Captain's nose, but, no worry, they were just covered with radioactive dust.

The scene where the submarine is twisting and turning through the old sunken wrecks was hilarious.

I love it where the new guy who had gone crazy takes over the sonar station and saves the day at the last moment. High Five Time.

Well, you just have to feel sorry for the actors when they get scripts like that, they earned their pay for that one.

What really makes me mad though is I got it for $2.50 not $1.00 in the bin at Wal-Mart.


Oh man $2.50? I'm so sorry. :( yeah I think I used this to kill my crappy microwave after it cheesed me off one too many times . . . FRIED DVD STANK!
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..... If they put up all the errors in this movie they'll need a new server! Is that the roomiest submarine anyone ever saw. I especially liked the hatches that went off to the sides and there are alternate passageways. The mess decks that looked like it belonged in an aircraft carrier... huh? Although I was a "skimmer puke" (as the bubbleheads called us) I did several surveys aboard subs and a 10-day ride on the USS Albany. I at least knew that even the new Los Angeles class could still be cramped. Not this thing with compartments big enough for square dances or auditions for American Idol. When I was aboard the Albany the entire crew, CO on down, wore the coveralls at sea.
..... The so-called "dolphins" looked like some cheap prize out of a Crackerjacks box (maybe I just hit on where they got them).
..... I noticed that besides not wearing dolphins, the admirals ribbons were all out of the place and did seem to have a few he might not have been able to qualify for.
..... I thought the whole story was contrived and cliches galore. And to verify that the world was at peace they go to Vladivostok of all places!? I don't think any fast attacks are based at Bangor or am I wrong there? So far as I ever knew Bangor was home for just "boomers".
..... I got this DVD for a buck at Wal-Mart. Just about all it's worth. Better submarine movie "Das Boot".
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You are correct sir. Thre were many errors in this flick. I served my time in the US Navy on Subs. I was on both 637 Sturgeon Class SSNs and 627 James Madison Class SSBn's. I also spent 2 weeks on a 688 Los Angeles Class SSN as a loan out. I paid nothing for this movie. I saw it on On Demand movies. First major gripes you already got to. The Dolphins looked more like ASW pins. Also there were scenes where you saw an LA class boat then another time it was a boomer. If you watch it again you will see at first it is an LA class with Sail Plane. Then you see a boomer post Ohio class with out sail planes.

Also what was not right is that when coming up to periscope depth they did not clear the baffles and when surfacing no one was manning the scope looking for close contacts. I aslo wonder how the CO would have explained all the scrapes on the bottom of the hull. LOL

What was funny was earlier today I saw one of the best Submarine movies ever made. Run Silent Run Deep wirh Clark Gabel and Burt Lancaster

To the other person who thought this was a rip off of Crimson Tide it was close but in this one the CO was trying to stop the XO where in CT it was the other way around


Just saw this piece of crap movie today. That's an hour and half I'll never get back, but wanted to see just how bad it was.

-There's NO WAY the Navy would promote someone to his first command of a sub who just spent a long time behind a desk.

-There are replacement parts for almost everything (especially communications), but that would ruin the story.

-The non-quals DO NOT get their own bunks in the regular berthing areas. Instead, they are assigned temporary bunks in the torpedo room (been there - done that) and are probably hot-racking (sharing a bunk), though I was lucky enough to have never had to do that.

-There are a whole division of sonar techs so if one were removed/arrested, there would be another to take over, not some newbie. Of course, the rest of the sonar techs are probably in the rack or taking a shower. (I was a nuke!)

-Non-quals DO NOT stand watches in the engineering spaces unless they had graduated from the Nuclear Power Training Program. These guys were non-nukes so that wouldn't apply. I guess it was there to heighten the tension for that married guy. Besides, NO ONE stands watch "in the Reactor Compartment" unless he wanted to die of radiation exposure. Sheesh!

Along with what was already posted, it's obvious this movie wasn't made with the cooperation of the US Navy. Cute for TV, but not accurate by any means... just like Crimson Tide.

I laughed at the line that McRaney (the Admiral) said after he orders the Mako to sink the Lansing. Something like, "God forgive me for what I've done." I though he should have added, "... for me agreeing to do this movie!"

If you want a tension-filled movie set onboard a submarine with several sub-plots, then fine. Just don't think this is what it's like to serve ON a submarine.

BTW, Das Boot isn't just a better submarine movie, it's the BEST submarine movie!

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