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Capcom Eyeing the Big Screen for Games

Capcom Eyeing the Big Screen for Games
Source: The Hollywood Reporter December 29, 2006

Japanese video game publisher Capcom, which has licensed its original franchise "Resident Evil" to Impact Pictures and Sony Pictures, recently stepped into the movie production game with an original "Street Fighter" movie due in 2008. It is partnering with Hyde Park Entertainment on a new film that focuses on Chung Li, one of the most popular fighters from the game franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter says the company, after decades of creating such original game franchises as "Devil May Cry," "Lost Planet," "Dead Rising" and "Onimusha" (which has a film in development at Davis Films), has hired Germaine Gioia to serve in the newly created post of senior vp licensing in its Los Angeles office. She will liaison with Hollywood to find properties that can work as Capcom games.

The "Resident Evil" movie franchise, with a third film in production, is the second-most-successful franchise for Sony Pictures behind "Spider-Man." With the film rights to "Onimusha" and "Devil May Cry" already purchased, Gioia believes Capcom could work more closely with Hollywood to release new games in these franchises around the launch of theatrical or DVD releases of the films.