The 747 Scene

The full thing's on youtube. I found it interesting but I see why it was cut. Stitch hijacking a plane and crashing it through Honolulu! Whew! It was interesting but much like the final version. Thoughts?


"The original version of the flying chase scene at the end of the film involved Stitch and Jumba hijacking an airplane and chasing Gantu's spaceship through Honolulu, crashing into buildings. The sequence was already animated and completed, but the whole chase was cut following the terrorist attacks on the USA of 11 September 2001. The chase had to be re-written and drawn again (this time with spaceships flying through mountains and less populated vegetation), and the second version of the chase was is what is seen in the theatrical version." From the trivia on this page. Dude.


It is also on the double DVD set we got from the town library.

1) For me, enough time has passed that I found the 747/Honolulu scene much more enjoyable than the mountain/spaceships dogfight.

2) I didn't think of it as "Stitch hijacking a plane and crashing it". Nani and the Doctor Jumba and Bleakley were involved, with the Doctor doing a lot of the piloting. Getting the passengers and the pilots to leave safely, while stopped on the ground, that seemed more like "stealing" the plane. As for the "crashing" part, yes, I suppose that is crashing, but really the spaceship did a lot of "scraping" and the 747 did a lot of rolling on its wheels and "breaking glass".

3) I am just a little tired of all the beautiful Hawaiian scenery, and for me the city skylines and buildings were neat to see (especially since I had read here on IMDB that Disney tried hard to include places that the Hawaiians would recognize.) Hawaii apparently has some very distinctive buildings.

4) The 747 scene finally made sense of Stitch standing at the exit, and then JUMPING out ... and landing on the other's spaceship. In the mountains, it seemed random. In Honolulu, it was a way to take advantage of the street layout and that big curved building, and actual strategy to get Stitch over to the other ship to rescue Lilo.

-- That last is the most important plot element that was lost with the scene.

5) Glad they didn't buzz Pearl Harbor.

I wonder if any movies will ever mix planes and buildings again?


Good thing of 9/11 that the airplane +city scrapping scenes got reworked and completely changed.

Made more sense to me to use their own ship... made more sense to follow a space ship with another space ship. The way the airplane moved made no sense either.
And the whole city scenes were too exaggerated for this movie anyway.

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