Sequels Exists..

Sort of..haha. No, I was watching a program about Danish cult film. There were something about De Skrigende Halse and about Reptilicus, I know both of these, and have seen both of them.
But suddenly, *beep* from Outer Space. What the *beep*
Master Fatman, a danish rapper/dj/fatman/director made it apparently, and there was an interview with him in the program.

He said that they got offered a deal for a second movie called: Attack of the latex lesbians and the motorcycle gayguys in Hamburg. Or something like that.
Something about some gay bikers and hardcore dikes in a gang war in Hamburg Germany. But then it didn't happen anyway do to lack of time at the time and stuff like that.

He also said, that he only recently learned that the organisation GNAA actually existed, he also found out that somebody took a VHS and made this thing digital. Cause he never ever ran this thing through a computer himself, nor did he ever release it on DVD. In the documentary, he said that it had been downloaded over 18.000 times. That's pretty good for a film like this..hahaa..I have to get my hands on it.