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Why would she cut her dad?

Knowing what she knows. Knowing drawing his blood (on the sacrifice platform no less) would RESULT IN THE END OF THE WORLD, why would she do it? Even if he died from choking why would you do something you know is going to result in the Apocalypse and EVERYBODY dying. Am I missing something?

I assumed the twist was going to be that she never loved her dad so her cutting him didnt result in the prophecy becoming fulfilled. That would have been slightly clever and ironic considering his father didnt love him either which is why it didnt work before.

But no...

She loved him and she cut him anyway and it results in the end of the world. This seems stupid to me. I can stomach a lot of plot holes but this one seems baffling.



She didn't count on the darkness hiding the pen tube. His death brought about the darkness, not just blood.