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was the monster ever entirely revealed?

at the first part of the movie, i thought it would become one of the biggest turkeys i've ever seen, but it gets somehow more interesting later on, this reminded me some of a movie i've seen lately, 1970's "monstroid", in the thing that you don't see the entire monster during the movie, only parts of it, then at the end it's revealed. but when this is entirely revaled, it seems to be a far away camera shot, and kind of hard to see.

you were with me all along,
suddenly you became a part of a thing going wrong,
like a bus off a steeply hill,
taking for granted you made it, it was the only possible thing,
now i'm sitting here safe and sound,
not knowing if you pulled through alright,
sitting in the garden now,
being served a cake a lady baked for you and i,
when the word came before i taste it,
that you didn't make it,
the few years you travelled with me,
i learned so much, it made a diffrence,
sitting here with fog in my sight,
lost everything in my life, a nurse taking care of me now,
how will i go on,
you were supose to always follow along.


Yeah, you could barely see the damned thing. (no pun intended) What you could see though, looked fairly retarded, thus allowing me to understand why they didn't show us the sorry excuse for a creature.

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