Claymation Christmas Soundtrack

Not only is this program one of my favorite Christmas TV specials, but the soundtrack is definitely my favorite Christmas album. Do any of you guys own the soundtrack to the Claymation Christmas Celebration? I actually owned the vinyl version of this when I was a child (but got rid of it at some point), and just recently was able to pick up a used CD from Amazon. Copies can often be found at astronomical prices on Ebay ($50+).

Interesting facts:

At least one of the soundtrack songs (Up On The Housetop) appears to have been made explicitly for an animated sequence--due to its use of sound effects--but was later dropped for whatever reason from the special.

The soundtrack contains 6 songs that weren't on the TV special, and also an alternate version of "Angels We Have Heard On High." The soundtrack omits "O Christmas Tree" and the original instrumental version of "Angels."

I FAR prefer the soundtrack version of "Angels We Have Heard On High" and have to wonder why the instrumental version was selected for TV.

To the best of my knowledge the soundtrack has been out of print for years and is not available to purchase in stores or digitally over the internet via Itunes, etc. I really, really wish that this soundtrack would be re-released to the public, both in stores and for download. You won't find the soundtrack on any peer-to-peer file sharing site/programs like Limewire--it's just too rare. About a year ago I posted that if you search hard there's a digital copy of the soundtrack that was ripped from a cassette floating around on some website, but from what I've read the sound quality is poor and the speed is ever-so-slightly off.

Anyways, that's my $0.02. Great tv special, great album. Any comments on the album?