Black Thug

There was a black guy who looked like a model and was nice dating a white girl. They went up to her and they caught her with a white guy at the motel doing it. The whole segment they both were basically naked and the black guy was so disappointed. I was surprised after it all and how much he rejected her and she seemed so trashy afterwards he reflected and took her back.
I dont think she was actually worth it though. He seemed so young, looked like a model, and worked a lot and she seemed so trashy and old. She was just white. She had like no morales, no job, lived off her parents, and cheated on him just cause and her parents didnt seem to accept him just cause he was Black. He seemed to be too much of a nice guy and that's why he seemed to still give her a chance even though she was trash and she didnt seem to care to cheat on him. Had like Mental issues and seemed to want to make up he was cheating on her too. lol. and because she "thought" he was cheating on her she should've cheated on him too. Classy relation.