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Top 250 movies out of the united states

Hi from Istanbul - Turkey,
I chose the best 250 film for me is not the construction of the united states. This selection is a demanding job and was very difficult to prepare
because the 250 is a great figure, you can select from hundreds of foreign films at 250 and I took my time with this movie too .. sort through 115 years of cinema in honor of this list is totally subjective list was prepared by me
I hope you like it

250-)Pelle the Conqueror (Bille August,1987)
249-)Tropical Malady (Apichatpong Weerasethakul,2004)
248-)Volver (Pedro Almodóvar,2006)
247-)Salvatore Giuliano (Francesco Rosi,1962)
246-)The Triplets of Belleville (Sylvain Chomet,2003)
245-)Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo,1988)
244-)Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki,2001)
243-)Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman,2008)
242-)Persepolis (Vincent Paronnaud - Marjane Satrapi,2007)
241-)The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Cristi Puiu,2005)
240-)Celine and Julie Go Boating (Jacques Rivette,1974)
239-)Claires Knee (Eric Rohmer,1970)
238-)The Decline of the American Empire (Denys Arcand,1986)
237-)Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata,1988)
236-)Oldboy (Chan-wook Park,2003)
235-)Fireworks (Takeshi Kitano,1997)
234-)Stroszek (Werner Herzog,1977)
233-)The Sea Inside (Alejandro Amenabar,2004)
232-)The Return (Andrei Zvyagintsev,2003)
231-)The Vanishing (George Sluizer,1988)
230-)Un Coeur en hiver (Claude Sautet,1992)
229-)Shoot the Piano Player (François Truffaut,1960)
228-)Eyes Without a Face (Georges Franju,1960)
227-)When Father Was Away on Business (Emir Kusturica,1985)
226-)4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Cristian Mungiu,2007)
225-)Lamerica (Gianni Amelio,1994)
224-)Jean de Florette (Claude Berri,1986)
223-)A Sunday in the Country (Bertrand Tavernier,1984)
222-)The Lives of Others (Florian Henckel Donnersmarck,2006)
221-)Das Boot (Wolfgang Petersen,1981)
220-)My Life as a Dog (Lasse Hallström,1985)
219-)The Sacrifice (Andrei Tarkovsky,1986)
218-)The Sons Room (Nannni Moretti,2001)
217-)Amores perros (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu,2000)
216-)The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Jacques Demy,1964)
215-)Belle de jour (Luis Bunuel,1967)
214-)A Time for Drunken Horses (Bahman Ghobadi,2000)
213-)The Piano (Jane Campion,1993)
212-)The Tin Drum (Volker Schlöndorff,1979)
211-)The Puppetmaster (Hsiao-hsien Hou,1993)
210-)Downfall (Oliver Hirschbiegel,2004)
209-)Three Brothers (Francesco Rosi,1981)
208-)The Mother and the Whore (Jean Eustache,1973)
207-)The Double Life of Veronique (Krzysztof Kieslowski,1991)
206-)Beauty and the Beast (Jean Cocteau - Rene Clement,1946)
205-)The Circle (Jafar Panahi,2000)
204-)Werckmeister Harmonies (Bela Tarr - Agnes Hranitzky,2000)
203-)The Official Story (Luis Puenzo,1985)
202-)Yeelen (Souleymane Cisse,1987)
201-)Russian Ark (Aleksandr Sokurov,2002)
200-)A nous la liberte (Rene Clair,1931)
199-)Tristana (Luis Bunuel,1970)
198-)Turtles Can Fly (Bahman Ghobadi,2004)
197-)Red Sorghum (Yimou Zhang,1987)
196-)Cache (Michael Haneke,2005)
195-)W.R.Mysteries of the Organism (Dusan Makavejev,1971)
194-)Through a Glass Darkly (Ingmar Bergman,1961)
193-)Man of Iron (Andzej Wajda,1981)
192-)Viridiana (Luis Bunuel,1961)
191-)The Last Emperor (Bernardo Bertolucci,1987)
190-)Le Boucher (Claude Chabrol,1970)
189-)Kandahar (Mohsen Makhmalbaf,2001)
188-)Kolya (Jan Sverak,1996)
187-)Rosetta (Jean Pierre Dardenne - Luc Dardenne,1999)
186-)A Touch of Zen (King Hu,1969)
185-)LArgent (Robert Bresson,1983)
184-)Red (Krzysztof Kieslowski,1994)
183-)Night of the Shooting Stars (Paolo Taviani - Vittorio Taviani,1982)
182-)Close-up (Abbas Kiarostami,1990)
181-)A Brighter Summer Day (Edward Yang,1991)
180-)Satantango (Bela Tarr,1994)
179-)Mondays in the Sun (Fernando Leon de Aranoa,2002)
178-)Alphaville (Jean Luc Godard,1965)
177-)The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Vittorio De Sica,1970)
176-)A Year of the Quiet Sun (Krzysztof Zanussi,1984)
175-)Come and See (Elem Klimov,1985)
174-)Bin-jip (Ki-duk Kim,2004)
173-)The Asthenic Syndrome (Kira Muratova,1989)
172-)The Silence (Ingmar Bergman,1963)
171-)What Time Is It There? (Ming-liang Tsai,2001)
170-)Chungking Express (Kar Wai Wong,1994)
169-)The Red and the White (Miklos Jancso,1967)
168-)Raise the Red Lantern (Yimou Zhang,1991)
167-)La Jetee (Chris Marker,1962)
166-)Kanal (Andrzej Wajda,1957)
165-)A City of Sadness (Hsiao-hsien Hou,1989)
164-)Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders,1987)
163-)Closely Watched Trains (Jiri Menzel,1966)
162-)Underground (Emir Kusturica,1995)
161-)Mother India (Mehboob Khan,1957)
160-)Eternity and a Day (Theo Angelopoulos,1998)
159-)Day of Wrath (Carl Theodor Dreyer,1943)
158-)Hero 2002 (Yimou Zhang,2002)
157-)Black Orpheus (Marcel Camus,1959)
156-)The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Werner Herzog,1975)
155-)The Time to Live and the Time to Die (Hsiao-hsien Hou,1985)
154-)All About My Mother (Pedro Almodovar,1999)
153-)Knife in the Water (Roman Polanski,1962)
152-)Blue (Krzysztof Kieslowski,1993)
151-)Shoah (Claude Lanzmann,1985)
150-)Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore,1989)
149-)Playtime (Jacques Tati,1967)
148-)The Wind Will Carry Us (Abbas Kiarostami,1999)
147-)Dersu Uzala (Akira Kurosawa,1975)
146-)Before the Rain (Milcho Manchevski,1994)
145-)Berlin Alexanderplatz (Rainer Werner Fassbinder,1980)
144-)Weekend (Jean Luc Godard,1967)
143-)Cairo Station (Youssef Chahine,1958)
142-)Breaking the Waves (Lars von Trier,1996)
141-)The Tree of Wooden Clogs 1978 (Ermanno Olmi,1978)
140-)Man of Marble (Andrzej Wajda,1977)
139-)Nostalghia (Andrei Tarkovsky,1983)
138-)Yi Yi (Edward Yang,2000)
137-)Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Rainer Werner Fassbinder,1974)
136-)Kagemusha (Akira Kurosawa,1980)
135-)The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke,2009)
134-)Farewell My Concubine (Kaige Chen,1993)
133-)Day for Night (François Truffaut,1973)
132-)Taste of Cherry (Abbas Kiarostami,1997)
131-)Aparajito (Satyajit Ray,1957)
130-)In the Mood for Love (Kar Wai Wong,2000)
129-)Ulyssess Gaze (Theo Angelopoulos,1995)
128-)The Ballad of Narayama (Shohei Imamura,1983)
127-)Fitzcarraldo (Werner Herzog,1982)
126-)Winter Light (Ingmar Bergman,1962)
125-)Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Sergei Parajanov,1964)
124-)Bob le flambeur (Jean Pierre melville,1955)
123-)Le Million (Rene Clair,1931)
122-)The Shop on Main Street (Jan Kadar-Elmar Klos,1965)
121-)The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums (Kenji Mizoguchi,1939)
120-)Paisan (Roberto Rossellini,1946)
119-)Casque dor (Jacques Becker,1952)
118-)Orpheus (Jean Cocteau,1949)
117-)1900 (Bernardo Bertolucci,1976)
116-)The Barbarian Invasions (Denys Arcand,2003)
115-)The Spirit of the Beehive (Victor Erice,1973)
114-)Throne of Blood (Akira Kurosawa,1957)
113-)Vengeance Is Mine (Shohei Imamura,1979)
112-)Time of the Gypsies (Emir Kusturica,1988)
111-)Ivan the Terrible Part I-Part II (Sergei M.Eisenstein,1945-1958)
110-)Ossessione (Luchino Visconti,1943)
109-)Masculin,feminin (Jean Luc Godard,1966)
108-)The Earrings of Madame de.. (Max Ophüls,1953)
107-)Mephisto (Istvan Szabo 1981)
106-)Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky,1972)
105-)Fanny and Alexander (Ingmar Bergman,1982)
104-)Tampopo (Juzo Itami,1985)
103-)Senso (Luchino Visconti,1954)
102-)My Night at Mauds (Eric Rohmer,1969)
101-)Le Jour se leve (Marcel Carne,1939)
100-)Onibaba (Kaneto Shindo,1964)
99-)Pepe le Moko (Julien Duvivier,1937)
98-)White Nights (Luchino Visconti,1957)
97-)El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky,1970)
96-)Ballad of a Soldier (Grigori Chukraj,1959)
95-)Talk to Her (Pedro Almodovar,2002)
94-)Kwaidan (Masaki Kobayashi,1964)
93-)Amarcord (Fedrico Fellini,1973)
92-)Pyaasa (Guru Dutt,1957)
91-)The Blue Angel (Josef von Sternberg,1930)
90-)Yojimbo (Akira Kurosawa,1961)
89-)Death in Venice (Luchino Visconti,1971)
88-)LEclisse (Michelangelo Antonioni,1962)
87-)Pickpocket (Robert Bresson,1959)
86-)Vampyr (Carl Theodor Dryer,1932)
85-)The Cranes Are Flying (Mikhail Kalatozov,1957)
84-)Z (Costa Gavras,1969)
83-)The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene,1920)
82-)Diabolique (Henri Georges Clouzot,1955)
81-)Red Desert (Michelangelo Antonioni,1964)
80-)The Burmese Harp (Kon Ichikawa,1956)
79-)Cries and Whispers (Ingmar Bergman,1972)
78-)Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky,1979)
77-)Ashes and Diamonds (Andrzej Wajda,1958)
76-)Vivre sa vie (Jean Luc Godard,1962)
75-)The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Luis Bunuel,1972)
74-)Meghe Dhaka Tara (Ritwik Ghatak,1960)
73-)Memories of Underdevelopment (Tomas Gutierrez Alea,1968)
72-)Zero de conduite (Jean Vigo,1933)
71-)Mother (Vsevolod Pudovkin,1926)
70-)Aguirre, The Wrath of God (Werner Herzog,1972)
69-)Ran (Akira Kurosawa,1985)
68-)La Notte (Michelangelo Antonioni,1961)
67-)The World of Apu (Satyajit Ray,1959)
66-)I Am Cuba (Mikhail Kalatozov,1964)
65-)The Color of Pomegranates (Sergei Parajanov,1968)
64-)Floating Weeds (Yasujiro Ozu,1959)
63-)Le Samourai (Jean Pierre Melville,1967)
62-)A Man Escaped 1956 (Robert Bresson,1956)
61-)The Travelling Players (Theo Angelopoulos,1975)
60-)Pandoras Box (Georg Wilhelm Pabst,1929)
59-)Black God, White Devil (Glauber Rocha,1964)
58-)The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci,1970)
57-)Pierrot le fou (Jean Luc Godard,1965)
56-)The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Pier Paolo Pasolini,1964)
55-)The Wages of Fear (Henri Georges Clouzot,1953)
54-)Wild Strawberries (Ingmar Bergman,1957)
53-)The Life of Oharu (Kenji Mizoguchi,1952)
52-)Germany Year Zero (Roberto Rossellini,1948)
51-)Jules and Jim (François Truffaut,1962)
50-)Faust (F.W.Murnau,1950)
49-)The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo,1965)
48-)Lola Montes (Max Ophüls,1955)
47-)Umberto D.(Vittorio De Sica,1952)
46-)Napoleon (Abel Gance,1927)
45-)The Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky,1975)
44-)Ikiru (Akira Kurosawa,1952)
43-)Last Year at Marienbad (Alain Resnais,1961)
42-)Rome Open City (Roberto Rossellini,1945)
41-)Gertrud (Carl Theodor Dreyer,1964)
40-)The Seventh Seal (Ingmar Bergman,1957)
39-)La Strada (Federico Fellini,1954)
38-)Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray,1955)
37-)Contempt (Jean Luc Godard,1963)
36-)Un Chien Andalou (Luis Bunuel,1928)
35-)The 400 Blows (François Truffaut,1959)
34-)Rocco and His Brothers (Luchino Visconti,1960)
33-)Nosferatu (F.W.Murnau,1922)
32-)Hiroshima, mon amour (Alain Resnais,1959)
31-)Blow-Up (Michelangelo Antonioni,1966)
30-)The Exterminating Angel (Luis Bunuel,1962)
29-)Earth (Aleksandr Dovzhenko,1930)
28-)Sansho the Bailiff (Kenji Mizoguchi,1954)
27-)La Dolce Vita (Federico Fellini,1960)
26-)Breathless (Jean Luc Godard,1960)
25-)Metropolis (Fritz Lang,1927)
24-)Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson,1951)
23-)Grand Illusion (Jean Renoir,1937)
22-)Voyage in Italy (Roberto Rossellini,1953)
21-)The Man with the Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov,1929)
20-)Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa,1950)
19-)LAvventura (Michelangelo Antonioni,1960)
18-)The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer,1928)
17-)LAge dOr (Luis Bunuel,1930)
16-)Battleship Potemkin (Sergei M.Eisenstein - Grigori Aleksandrov,1925)
15-)Persona (Ingmar Bergman,1966)
14-)The Leopard (Luchino Visconti,1963)
13-)LAtalante (Jean Vigo,1934)
12-)M (Fritz Lang,1931)
11-)Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa,1954)
10-)8 1/2 (Federico Fellini,1963)
9-)Ugetsu (Kenji Mizoguchi,1953)
8-)Ordet (Carl Theodor Dreyer,1955)
7-)Los Olvidados (Luis Bunuel,1950)
6-)The Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir,1939)
5-)Andrei Roublev (Andrei Tarkovsky 1966)
4-)Children of Paradise (Marcel Carne,1945)
3-)Tokyo Story (Yasujiro Ozu,1953)
2-)Au hasard Balthazar (Robert Bresson,1966)
1-)Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio De Sica,1948)