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The actual U.S. Attorney in this case, Colm Connolly, appears towards the end of the film. He's the short-clipped, red-haired man standing next to the large ice chest when Capano (Mark Harmon) is surprised when in jail when he sees the cooler in which he transported Anne's body. He was surprised for good reason.

This large chest carried her body to the boat, was dumped overboard, would not sink due to the Styrofoam in the chest, was shot twice with a shotgun, still didn't sink, and was cast off 60 miles off shore as Anne's body was removed, tied to an anchor, and allowed to drop into the sea.

It was found later by a fisherman who repaired the holes, and purchased a new lid from the manufacturer, as the original one was not retrieved. He then turned it over to the F.B.I. when he saw the publicity about the case in a newspaper. What were the odds?

Colm Connolly was reported to have said that the ice chest was the real clincher for the jury, as they realized that a human being had been murdered, then folded-up and placed into the chest they were viewing, and carried out to sea.


We know all this. This case is over 10 yrs. old.


The story regarding that piece of evidence is pretty amazing.

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We already know this.