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Episode 13...For some countries a special number!?

A little talk about "time" today reminded me to this great animated show.
Was very, very happy to find all episodes on Youtube, loved it as a child.
Then read on Wikipedia that the 13th episode was shortened for germany to 13 mins.
The episodes are anyhow short with around 26 mins but it's true!

Es war einmal... der Mensch, Episode 13. Der Hundertjährige Krieg (12.57 mins)
How profound: Episode 13 with 13 mins

Checked on the english version, only 11 mins ??!!
Once Upon a Time... Man, Episode 13. The Hundred Years' War (10.55 mins)

Now tried to get the french original and found it in the full length.
Il était une fois... l'Homme, Episode 13. La Guerre de Cent Ans (25.54 mins) OXf_mkSL-tI6qUXz
Behind this link all 26 original french episodes...for people with the right nationality.
For me only the common message "This video is not available in your country."
Germany, the valley of darkness and silence.
What happened to the Youtube - unblocker?!
Probably a victim of the last browser update, need to check on that *mumble*
The next site showed the same message...cause the video is linked to Youtube: it-une-fois-l-homme-dessin-anime-sur-l-histoire-ancienne-76708977-comm ents.html
And here a little variation: Homme-Episode-13-La%C2%A0Guerre-de-Cent-Ans "The requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players."

So, now have the right motivation to get me every hacker-software available.
Who plays this almighty censor?!
Don't need an explanation what the GEMA is, wrote recently a longer post about it.
Anyhow, a totally blocked video by GEMA is not a shortened video.
What did they cut out?!


Sorry, should have read the entire Board here.
Didn't expect the cut-out-information in the thread "Minimum age":

Sascha-17 Wed Jan 8 2014 03:20:11
Re: Minimum age? #224304863
Bit late to be posting this, but it should be noted that the German version was/is(?) cut. At least it was on TV. Episode 13 was cut down from 25 to 12 or 13 minutes. I just found the episode in question in original and cut form and one thing they did cut out was a sequence depitcing pogroms against jews in medieval europe.