The DVD is edited

Has anbody else noticed that "The Devil and Daniel Mouse" (which appears on the 2-disc "Rock & Rule" set) is edited? It always seemed choppy to me with the fades -- and the making-of special starts to go into a different set of credits -- but I just noticed a brief clip of Wease Weasel in a cap and trenchcoat during the montage scene at the end of "How We Made TDADM" that doesn't appear in the film. Then I noticed that right before Jan goes on stage the first time, Wease has got a bandage wrapped around his nose for no apparent reason. Based on what I know about syndication cuts, I'd guess that there's about 3 minutes that have been trimmed out of the film -- and I'm certain that Unearthed Treasures had no idea that they obtained a truncated print.

Does anybody have an old TV version or video release (dunno if it was ever officially released) to compare?


The full, unedited version can be found at Just search for "the devil and daniel mouse".

Oh, and Wease has a bandage on his nose because he got hit in the face with a champagne cork, just after telling Jan that she and the band would be playing the Hollywood Bowl. The hat and trenchcoat shot is part of a sequence where Jan tries to get her band to help her beat the devil, but is turned down because they say she hasn't paid her union fees. Hope that clears things up a little.


Wow, THANK YOU, Mark! I wanted to know what was cut, but I didn't figure I'd be able to actually see it! As I suspected, it appears that Unearthed Films obtained a syndication print.

I bought "Rock and Rule" when I found out it was on disc, but I fell in love with "Daniel Mouse" (which I'd never heard of before the DVD) and have probably sat through it far more times than "R&R."


I searched and couldn't find it on youtube.

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I looked all over youtube but couldn't find this unedited part.

But keep in mind that just because something was in 'The making of' specials, it doesn't mean it'll end up in the final product.

The line where wheez goes 'The norably Juudge Wheezel presiding,' was animated out fully, but halfway through his monologue, they chose to instead, show a clip of the forest animals disdain for wheez.

Though also, sometimes I have been wondering just why Weasel has that bandage on his nose.

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Yes, the "R&R" disc is indeed slightly trimmed. As is often the case with good videos on YouTube, the user who had uploaded the uncut version (which was once officially released on a Nelvana VHS) has been suspended for copyright violation. The special has recently been put up on the site by another user, but it's the trimmed DVD version.


Whoever had an unedited version must have taped it off TV long ago, because I have a VHS copy that was officially released with other Nelvana animated specials in the mid-90s, and it's the cut version. The back of the "R&R" DVD says it's 27 mins long, but I read a review that timed it at 23 min, so I didn't bother buying it.

Although they chopped all the transitions (and some dialogue) to save time, thank god they didn't delete any music, like they did on the syndicated cut of "A Cosmic Christmas".

Why can't SOMEONE release the non-synd version???


You can find the uncut version of "Devil and Daniel Mouse" on the original VHS release of "Nelvanamation." It pops up on eBay from time to time.